Meditation? Mindfulness? Self-Hypnosis? Confused!? – Thrive Global

While self-hypnosis may not yet be mainstream, mindfulness and other forms of meditation have become increasingly common as self-care practices.

As we get busier and as life (and technology!) move faster, the need to slow down seems even more important. With everything going on around us, staying “present” with ourselves has become crucial.

Have you been searching for the best practice to connect with yourself? Have you been…….

Self-Hypnosis Might be the Key to Self-Care in the Pandemic – SWAAY

The abrupt appearance of the novel coronavirus in late 2019 brought with it a health crisis that quickly swept across the globe. Millions were confined to their homes in an attempt to flatten the curve, but the virus continued to spread quickly, sickening millions and killing hundreds of thousands. The physical toll has been stunning, but the effects on our mental health have been insidious and no less serious. In these days of social distanci…….